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No Integrity!

The Omaha Police Department has a warrant for his arrest!Warrant Number: 2630343 Name: TIMOTHY M.

CALDWELL . Age: 37 Address: 13975 JAYNES ST. # OMAHA NE 68164 Gender: Male Race: White Height: 6 ft 2 inches Weight: 220 lbs Charges: DUI >= .15 - This is Integrity Roofing! If you google his name you will see that he has changed company names several times!

Now why would that be if Integrity truly had Integrity!? This company's sales team deliberately lies to home owners about hard working long standing local companies!

If he shows up at your house call the police and refer them to his warrant number!Do Omaha a favor and put this creep where he belongs!

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Blair, Nebraska, United States #795829

I had Integrity Roofing do some roofing and siding for me.They were to start the job on Oct 3rd 2013 and finish Oct 20th.

They didn't finish until Jan 30th, 2014. Luckily I put a penalty clause in the contract. Tim called me twice, both times threatening to sue me, bad mouth me to every real estate business and bank in the Omaha area, because "I had his money", even though he had not finished the job.

I had give a large concession on the penalty he owed me, because he was so unreasonable.I will never do business again with Tim Caldwell because he is screamer and not professional business man.

Madison, Alabama, United States #765978

I cannot stand any business using the word integrity over and over. It is usually just a front for having no integrity

La Vista, Nebraska, United States #765915

Amazing!!well i guess the new project manager Brad Price will fit right in

he just left A.G. Contractors as their project manager. He stole from two jobs that i know of.. one of which may still be investigated and the second was a ladys dimond ring which belonged to her mother.

it was apraised at $80,000 he pawned it at a pawn shop for $1,000.. wtf? and to top it all of when the lady realized it was gone he tried to let someone else take the fall for it because they were working there. but all in the end when people started putting things together and realized it was Brad, he got scared and confessed to the owner of A.G.

contractors and he took Brad to pawn shop loaned him the money to get it out and took him to return the ring to the owner, luckily the owner didnt press charges.he got off lucky didnt go to jail,and he didnt lose his job.

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